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Have you ever been to a friend's home, doctor's office, school, or business where there is an outdoor garden fountain and thought to yourself, "I wish I had one of those?" If so, you are not alone. Outdoor garden fountains have become increasingly popular. They look amazing, complement outdoor decor, and create a place of tranquility where you can escape from the stresses of life. In addition, garden fountains are very affordable and easy to maintain!

If you want an outdoor garden fountain, you might consider taking on a project and building your own. Whether you choose a prefabricated shell or want to construct the fountain from scratch, this is a fun project that the entire family could enjoy. Remember that outdoor garden fountains come in a number of sizes and styles so no matter what the decor or size of your yard, there will be a number of excellent choices.


Let us say you wanted to get busy with a small fountain project, something that could be put together over the weekend but enjoyed for years to come. First, you will need to purchase a quality pump. To determine the right size and type, you would need to consider the amount of water that will need to be pumped per hour. The specialists at the outdoor or gardening center can assist. For example, you will notice pumps labeled with GPH, which means "gallons per hour." Therefore, if you saw a pump that said 250 GPH then it would pump 250 gallons of water per hour.

Pond Base

Second, you want to purchase a prefabricated pond form or a plastic pond liner. In either case, you would need to dig a hole to coordinate with the size of the form or liner. Pour about four inches of sand into the hole, which will provide nice flooring and keep the water runoff from flooding. Make sure the dirt is level and then place the form or liner into the hole.


Once the pond base is in the hole, you can then use rocks or plants around the parameter to enhance the appearance and help hide the liner, if one is used. For the pump, this would be connected to the appropriate size tubing, plugged in, and then submersed in the fountain where it will not be seen. We suggest you go with a submersible pump in that it looks nicer. However, if you have an extra large fountain, you may need an exterior pump to accommodate the large volume of water.

Some people like to add other things to an outdoor garden fountain such as a waterfall, additional fountain, spitter, and lights. These are sold at home improvement stores, outdoor centers, and gardening centers. You want the fountain to look beautiful but not cluttered. Therefore, choose the right type and right amount of extras for your fountain. For instance, submersible lights are nice, especially after dark, creating a peaceful and romantic ambience.

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