Many people would love to have an indoor fountain but have legitimate concerns about size. Because not everyone lives in a sprawling estate with plenty of room and with the demand for fountains increasing, manufacturers have begun to make a beautiful line of small indoor fountains. These fountains are perfect for a small balcony or if placed inside, a bookshelf, entertainments stand, or perhaps an end table, bathroom countertop, nightstand, and son on. The great thing about these smaller fountains is that just because you give up size does not mean you give up style or the gentle sound of flowing water.

In addition to home use, some people are using small indoor fountains for the office as well. Regardless of the location, you will have your choice of a large selection, each unique and beautiful. For starters, you might choose one that blends in perfectly with the Feng Shui system of balance and harmony. In this case, you might choose a fountain that features a tapered slate that shimmers as the water flows down gently, landing into the basin below. This particular style is so beautiful and peaceful that many people will use the fountain on a nightstand to help with sleep.

Another type of indoor fountain that would fit in nicely with Feng Shui belief also has a tapered slate but in this case, the slate is round to resemble the shining moon. The copper color offers a great reflection and the material a soothing sound of the water as it flows into the basin. The result is a tranquil atmosphere that would be ideal for just about any room in the house. As you begin looking at the various small, indoor fountains, you will find literally every style imaginable.

Of course, these slate fountains also come with double t-birds, which are also stunning. Now, if you want a small indoor fountain unlike any other, than you might consider looking at the tranquility pool. This special fountain is an excellent choice for creating a relaxing atmosphere. The design includes two slate disc tiers. From the top, water bubbles out from the small stones, cascading down these tiers. The sound produced will remind you of a soft summer rain, as the water gently falls into the 15-inch copper bowl at the base.

If you have wanted to add a fountain to your home, office, or a small outdoor area but decided not to simply because of a lack of space, now you can see that you can still enjoy the beautiful appearance and sound of a small, fountain. These fountains are also very affordable and most will come with a high quality pump, everything you need to start enjoying the soothing sounds within minutes.


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