To enhance the beauty of any home, you should consider a floor fountain. In addition to the beauty of the fountain design, you also have the benefit of listening to the soothing sound of flowing water. However, fountains have other great aspects to include adding humidity into dry air and helping both people and plants breathe better. Therefore, when it comes time to beautify your home, you might consider adding a floor fountain.

Okay, for starters, let us say you have a home with country or Southwest décor. Initially, you may think a floor fountain would look out of place but not so. Today, you can purchase an incredible Southwestern floor fountain designed with rich colored diamond shapes on the front of the fountain panel. This coupled with the slate trough where the water flows into and the four-foot high wall, you can be sure everyone will be impressed.

Okay, more floor fountains are designed to work with a contemporary or transitional space. In this case, you would choose a fountain that is designed more like a piece of art that can add beauty with and without the fountain running. A great choice would be a tall, dark floor fountain made from poly resin. Then add a halogen light to the top to shine down on the trickling water, and you have an amazing piece.

If you have an elegant room in your home and you want to enhance that further, then a sea stone floor fountain would look stunning. This style of floor fountain is designed with a slab of sea stone tiles that have a unique iridescent quality. With the copper frame, accenting the colors of the sea stone face the cascading water becomes mesmerizing. To create even more visual appeal, you can add a hood overhead light, capturing the flow of the water.

One more floor fountain to consider is the design that would be great if you love creativity and uniqueness. Called the wave or waterfall fountain, the fountain has a wonderful rhythm of flowing water that creates a soothing and peaceful sound. The design of the wave fountain is such that you get an adjustable ripple of water as it flows over your choice of metallic or black acrylic to a bed of polished river rocks below. To finish the look, the fountain comes with waterproof lighting that has interchangeable colored filters, all concealed nicely in the base below.

These floor fountains are just a few of the hundreds you will find. With floor fountains, you have a huge selection of sizes so even if you have a small space, no problem. These fountains also come in a huge array of styles, as you can see, as well as price ranges. Therefore, if you find yourself on a tight budget, you can be sure there are still a number of excellent floor fountains for you.


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