Sitting back on the couch or lying in bed, relaxing while listening to the soft flow of water is mesmerizing. With indoor fountains, you will be amazed at how much tranquility they create. Although you could choose from a small desktop type fountain for less than $100, this article will focus on wall fountains. These fountains are absolutely, beautiful. Ranging in price from $300 to $5,000 or more, you will discover numerous options to consider.

With the indoor wall fountain, you gain something unique in your home. Not only do these fountains look stunning, they blend in perfectly with any home decor. You will find that the designs are unique, interesting, and always a conversation piece. The nice ting about indoor fountains is that they produce sound of the outdoors, which has proven to be relaxing and peaceful. Some people will add an indoor fountain for appearance while most people use them to create a place of serenity.

The first type of fountain starts around $300 and is called a water panel. These panels are available in a number of sizes, colors, and materials but all are literally a panel that has gentle water flowing down. Many times, the water panel will be made from acrylic, featuring a design that enhances the flow and bubbles of the water. Depending on the model chosen, some will also include colored light filters that produce a rainbow of alternating color to create a beautiful piece.

The harmony wall fountain comes in small, medium, and large sizes and is a little more on the elegant side. Many times, you would find this particular fountain in a contemporary or transitional home. Regardless, this fountain is gorgeous an averages around $500. With this fountain, you can choose from a number of finishes to include a bronze or silver mirror front, coated copper, or a soft silvery powder. The appearance of the material, flow of the water, and accent lighting make this a popular choice.

Moving up in style a bit, this next wall fountain averages $1,500. The unique thing about this wall fountain is that it is specially designed to work on rounded or curved walls. Many homes have one wall that is curved, making hanging art impossible. Therefore, the wall remains bare and unattractive. However, with the curved wall fountain, you can choose from many different materials and sizes to add class to the blank wall. This particular wall fountain comes with wonderful accent lighting that creates a shimmer off the water.

Moving up even more, for around $2,000, you could purchase a wall fountain that is created with material that comes in many different textures and colors. Made from natural rajah, you can choose from black, green, and a multicolor slate. Then for the frame, you have your choice of clear coated copper or stainless steel. With this indoor water fountain, the soft sound of the water flow and accent lighting makes this a wonderful complement to any home.

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