Floor standing fountains are a popular item for homes and offices. With so many different styles, these fountains fit in nicely with any décor while adding a way to bring peace and tranquility to the room. The slate, floor standing fountain is one of the most popular choices. This particular fountain is gorgeous and can be used in a rustic cabin or New York penthouse. The fountain features a wavy tower design, which is enhanced with polished river stones. Complete with attachable halogen light, you can choose from a number of finishes such as brushed steel, copper, or black, and then enjoy the variable water flow, speed control.

If you love fountains and elegance, and prefer the look of Feng Shui, then you would love the next floor standing fountain. This fountain is created with a durable clear powder coat finish over copper to help keep it from turning green. The copper has a magnificent look that as water trickles down the front, it has a unique movement, making this a stunning piece. What you will see is a glistening sheet of water, as it cascades down the front of the fountain, landing quietly into the basin below. Standing 66 inches tall, this particular floor standing fountain would be ideal for a foyer or business lobby.

Going back to the copper material, a magnificent floor standing fountain to consider is freestanding and portable, making it highly versatile. The fountain comes equipped with a variable speed pump, along with a beautiful copper frame and slate panels. With this, rather than a single piece of copper for the water to flow down, the fountain has staggering pieces that create a unique and mystical look. The fountain is lit from above with recessed lights and in the basin, the beauty of the decorative stones add the final touch.

Keep in mind that regardless of the style you choose the floor standing fountain is decorative and versatile, working well in any room. With this, you can take an ordinary room and turn it into a restful sanctuary, a place to relax after a hectic day at the office. In fact, most people agree that a floor standing fountain turns the room into a spa-like atmosphere, whether placed in the living room, bedroom, dining room, or even bathroom. The sound of the gentle water is soothing and the design of the fountain mesmerizing.


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