Many people prefer a contemporary home with clean lines, little clutter, and that cutting-edge look. In fact, certain areas of the country lean more toward the contemporary style, which is beautiful. In addition to artwork, sculptures, and other items to enhance the contemporary style, floor fountains are a new way of creating an environment of enjoyment and tranquility. In this article, we will provide you with some options of contemporary floor fountains that can turn any home into an incredible place.

For instance, you might choose a floor fountain that has clean lines to create a beautiful, geometric form. The face of the fountain, the part that the water flows over is smooth while the basin is designed with smoothness to bring balance to the overall design. Standing four feet tall, this particular contemporary floor fountain features a soft overhead light so you get to enjoy the full dramatic effects of the flowing water. Typically, this type of floor fountain would be made from slate, which is truly gorgeous.

Another option for contemporary floor fountain is both elegant and sophisticated. You will enjoy the stark modern lines, with a panel that allows you to gaze through to the other side. However, it gets better when you turn the pump on to see the images behind the panel become blurred from the shimmering water as it cascades down. Made from powder-coated aluminum, the colors seem to change. With this particular water fountain, the water sound is medium level and the light only enhances the overall appearance.

Then, another contemporary floor fountain has a magnificent slate finish that creates a very, classy look of high quality. The fountain stands three feet tall, making it the ideal focal point, not too large and not too small. Made from resin and acrylic, you will enjoy a softer sound of water. Next, one of the newest and most incredible of all contemporary floor fountains is the stacked triangular design. Geometrically shaped, this fountain has upper triangular tiers with a V-cut groove spout that spews the water into the next level and then the next until all the water accumulates in the large basin at the bottom.

Finally, one of the grandest of all contemporary floor fountains is made from resin and acrylic and while it does not come with a light, it still creates an incredible focal point. This floor fountain has an artistic designed blended with modern technology using paints and contemporary designs. With a magnificent evolution of art, the fountain is made from acrylic and resin but completed in a rich, faux marble. These examples of contemporary floor fountains are just a few options to consider but as you begin to shop, you will discover hundreds of choices!


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