Today, you will find so many different styles of fountains for the home or outdoors that making a final decision can be difficult. For this reason, it is common to see two things happen – people will buy more than one fountain or people will walk away without a fountain, simply scratching their head. In this article, we wanted provide you with some information about barrel fountains, which are designed to sit on the floor. These fountains are perfect for indoor or outdoor use, extremely easy to set up and operate, affordable and best of all, they produce a soothing sound of water.

Three Tier Style

One of the most popular types of barrel fountains is the three-tier style. Made from natural materials, this particular fountain has a kind of nostalgic charm. The design is overflowing with character, adding a wonderful touch of rustic to your property. Although they come in a number of different sizes, the 27 x 24 inch seems to be one of the favorites. The three-tier barrel fountain is made from durable and gorgeous natural cedar. Additionally, this fountain comes with everything needed to be enjoying the sound of trickling water within minutes.

Another three-tier barrel fountain is made from cedar as well but painted red. Again, you get the same old-fashioned charm but with a little different appearance. With no plumbing required, the water recycles within the fountain, flowing from the top tier down where it falls into the base barrel. From there, the water is pumped back up to the top so you end up with a continuous flow. Placing this in your garden, by the front door, or out on the deck would look amazing.

Corner Fountains

Now, if you live where space is difficult, then you might consider a three-tier red cedar corner, barrel water fountain. This design is truly beautiful, allowing you to place the fountain easily into smaller nooks and crannies. Then, you can sit back and enjoy the sound of trickling water as it spills down the brass pump to cascade down each tier of the fountain. This particular style has a sophisticated look that goes well with any outdoor decor.

Barrel fountains provide a distinctive style that can create the perfect functional accent pice in a floor fountain.  Barrel fountains a also perfect for lodges, cabins or match southwestern decor styles very well.

Additional Information

TN Barrel Fountains: Web site that features unique barrel style fountains for homes and gardens.

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