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Indoor floor fountains are a beautiful enhancement to any home or office. These particular fountains literally sit on the floor, adding mystic and beauty to the room. The trickling water creates a tranquil and romantic setting as well. The key with buying a floor fountain is to buy quality. The nice thing about indoor floor fountains is that they come in multiple colors, materials, and sizes so you have many different options regardless of the decor.


For example, you could choose from precious stone, copper, glass, marble, slate, and acrylic. One such model is quite unique with water streaming down as it alternates with steps made from natural slate. The sound created is very peaceful and the design is truly mesmerizing. Typically, this type of indoor floor fountain would come with an adjustable pump to help control water floor and sound. This fountain measures 16 inches wide by 8 inches deep and 49 inches high.

Natural Slate

Another floor fountain to consider is nothing less than elegant. Made from natural slate, this found offers a relaxing sound as the water flows down, creating a place to relax. In addition, the design is beautiful, complementing the room. This too usually comes with an adjustable pump, a light for creating the ultimate romantic setting, polished river stones, and the dimensions measure 21 inches wide by 14 inches deep by 57 inches high.

Glass and Copper

Then you could choose from a fountain made from glass and copper. With this, you would enjoy a very innovative design that is gorgeous. The sound is much like you would get with a slate fountain and the light reflects off the glass and the water as it trickles down the fountain. Completed with a clear coat finish to keep the copper from turning green is also available or you could go with a natural finish.


Yet another design is also made with glass and chrome, offering a unique eye-catching design. You will enjoy both the tranquil sound of the water and the light as it dances off the water flowing down the fountain. This design is perfect for any decor and it fits nicely without taking up a lot of room. This comes with a recirculating electric pump and designed to produce maximum water sound that can be adjusted.


Stone fountains are also very beautiful. With stone, the water has an amazing sound that reminds you of sitting by a babbling brook somewhere up in the mountains. With this fountain, you can choose chrome accents to enhance the fountain's look. Remember that water fountains in the home offer a natural healing and are great humidifiers for the indoor environment.

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