Many people love the idea of having a water fountain in the home to create a relaxing environment but worry about lack of space. For some people, finding countertop or floor space is a serious challenge. The result is they bypass buying a fountain not realizing that have another choice.

Patio or Garden Fountains
Have you ever been to a friend's home, doctor's office, school, or business where there is an outdoor garden fountain and thought to yourself, "I wish I had one of those?" If so, you are not alone. Outdoor garden fountains have become increasingly popular.

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Tabletop Fountains
If you enjoy fountains and love the soothing sound of water, you might consider adding a table top fountain to your home or office. The styles available today are vast. Some fountains are sophisticated, some elegant, some are rustic, some cultural, and all of them wonderful. In this article, we will provide you with styles that have proven to be popular choices.

Floor Fountains
Indoor floor fountains are a beautiful enhancement to any home or office. These particular fountains literally sit on the floor, adding mystic and beauty to the room. The trickling water creates a tranquil and romantic setting as well. The key with buying a floor fountain is to buy quality. The nice thing about indoor floor fountains is that they come in multiple colors, materials, and sizes so you have many different options regardless of the decor.

Waterfall Fountains
Waterfall fountains are a wonderful way to add ambience indoors or outdoors. This type of fountain features cascading water, providing the calming sound of trickling water and a mesmerizing view. Because of popularity of the waterfall fountain, you will find more styles available today than at any other time. You can buy a small or large fountain, one that is simple or quite elaborate, something rustic or sophisticated, you name it - you can find it.

Solar Fountain Types
Today, the styles and designs of water fountains have changed dramatically. One such advancement in recent years is the solar powered fountain. With this, you do not have to mess with electricity, simply set the fountain up and let the sun do all the work for you. These fountains look gorgeous and function well.

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